Sunday, June 8, 2008


Question: Who has ever tried to be alone, yet you find something or someone to distract you? I find that this is the most annoying thing ever for example: 

I was trying to work on a presentation for work, when one of my friends decided he was going to invite me to a BBQ for our college director that was going away. I quite frankly was aware of the BBQ but I didn't want to go, not because he invited me but because I didn't want to put myself through having to pretend I knew someone when I quite frankly I didn't. After a few text messages my friend caught on that I simply was not interested, but what happened next is what threw my whole day into a spin he sent me the following message:

"I'm not a fan of drama and sometimes I feel you create it unnecessarily", there was more to the message but I feel this is the one line that struck me the most.

How many times do we find ourselves creating our own drama just to feel like we are apart of someone or something?

Then I thought to myself who else has created drama for themselves that was quite frankly unnecessary? Well man did. At the beginning God created us in his image to live in the most perfect world ever, till one day we decided that what he created wasn't good enough for us so we in turn created drama that was unnecessary for him and us. We placed God in situation which he didn't intend to find himself in, but he decided to take the high road and create for man a way back for us to undo the drama that we had created for ourselves. 

This is why God can't let go. 

This is why God sent his one and only son to save me, so that I could let go.

So why is it that I can't let go and just forget when someone has wronged me or called me out on something that quite frankly is the truth and is something that needs correction in my life? It hurts to be called out on something that you know yourself is not right and needs to change. Letting go would mean to surrender all control and power that you feel you have over that person or situation. It would mean that I was not placing myself in the center of attention, but the other person whom I am holding this grudge against was the center of attention despite whether or not I decided they deserved it or not.

God calls us to surrender and letting go of grudges is one of those things. Can you imagine a world without grudges? Can we say instant World Peace!

P.S. I am still learning to let go we're all not perfect

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